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Trådlös sändare med 2 kanaler för externa givare & funktioner

ProduktinformationTrådlös magnetkontakt/ universalsändare till Agility och Wisdom.RISCO™ UNIVERSAL TRANSMITTER - 2 CHANNELSReference: RWT72X86800ETransmitt

Artikelnummer: RWT72X86800
Leverantör: RISCO


Trådlös magnetkontakt/ universalsändare till Agility och Wisdom.


Reference: RWT72X86800E

Transmitter of double function and effective depending on its cost. It combines two separate channels within a single physical device and is ideal for the perimeter wireless protection of doors / windows in residential applications and in small shops. With two separate channels, it can be used in two different applications: As a perimeter protection for doors and windows when connected to a single channel and as a protection for louver detectors using the second channel. Each channel can be connected to wired magnetic contacts or other wired sensors that can be used for various control or safety applications. 3V CR123 Lithium battery included.